Doughnuts Mania

“You cannot buy happiness but you can buy donuts and that’s kind of the same thing”, so they say. We go beyond that and say why buy when you can create them fresh! After all home made and hand made is artisanal!

Come learn to make perfect doughnuts at home with this workshop.   We will be covering the classic yeast raised doughnuts. We will be demonstrating right from the making of the dough, shaping the doughnuts, proofing them, frying them and then turning them into different flavours with the glazes and fillings.

A variety of glazes and ganache will also be covered in the workshop. Variety of flavours like Bismarcks, berliners, sprinkled, with glaze, with cinnamon sugar , cookies and cream, chocolate etc will be covered in this comprehensive class on doughnuts.

Duration : 3 hours